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Allergic To Fall?

Believe it or not Fall is here and that means
temperatures are going to get cooler. Most of us are looking forward to our
favorite pumpkin flavored things and the coming holidays. Leaving behind the
scorching heat, bugs, and humidity might make you think you’re about to be in
the all-clear for allergies and irritants. Not so fast! Here are some things
you need to continue to guard yourself, your family, and your home against this
the Outdoors OUT
though the weather is changing, some allergens continue to pose a threat to your
well-being. If you’re especially prone to severe allergic reactions to things
like ragweed pollen, limit your time outdoors. Keep all clothes and shoes clean
and laundered regularly to eliminate the risk of pollen making its way inside.
Vacuum and clean your carpet, rugs and upholstery on a regular basis, as foot
traffic can not only introduce allergens into your home but also carry them
Your Lungs a Fighting Chance
all allergens are something we can easily see and avoid. There are irritants
like dust mites that can build up in your home without you knowing, until it’s
too late. Kicking off the fall season with a thorough deep cleaning will not
only help clean your dust mite, it will also freshen your home’s air by cleaning
your biggest filter in the home, your carpet and giving respiratory allergy
suffers a break from wheezing and coughing.
On Top of Your Chores
you invest the time and effort into cleaning your home, keep it up! As nice as
the cooler temperatures might feel, resist the urge to open the windows and
give your air conditioner a break. Sweep entryways and outdoor steps daily, and
make sure your pets see the groomer at least once a month (even if they’re
primarily indoor!). Keep all surfaces and floors in your home clean and
fall allergies at bay doesn’t have to be a hassle. Call Carpet Dryclean today
or go online anytime to schedule a cleaning service for your carpet, rugs, or upholstery.
We’ll have your home ready for pumpkins, hot apple cider, and family gatherings
in no time!