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Tips to hosting an epic football party

Carolina football season is here! Whether
you’re cheering on the Wolf Pack, the Heels, the Devils, or the Panthers,
“football party” is a welcome addition to anyone’s weekend plans. Before you break
out your secret wing sauce, dip or chili, here are some things you can do to
ensure your football party is off to a roaring success.
Do A Little Pre-Game House Work
Before your party guests arrive, make sure your humble abode is ready, inside and out. Clear
your walkways/drives of any leaves or lawn debris, and make sure all of your
outdoor lighting is ready to light the way to your guests’ vehicles when the
game is over. Give your lawn a trim, too, if it needs it, just in case someone
decides to take the group outdoors for a little tag football or recreate some of
the game’s highlights.
Inside your home, make sure you have an open inviting atmosphere to view the big games.
Provide plenty of seating for those football fans and make sure their food and
drinks have a place to sit, too. Remove any extra furniture from the room so everyone
can celebrate all the big plays that come up. Going to need that extra elbow
room for game winning celebration!
Set Up a Stress-Free Spread
Football viewing parties are obviously all about the teams playing, but the food is a
highlight, too. Think through where you want to serve your food (like the TV
room vs. in the kitchen) and how you want to serve it (buffet vs. finger
foods). Wings, burgers, and build-your-own nachos are classic game day grub,
but don’t be afraid to get creative.  Here are some big game appetizers and snacks recipes we can’t wait to try at our next football party!
Do Some Post-Game Recovery
When your favorite team scores that touchdown, there’s no telling what kind of
reactions will occur. If your carpet or furniture ends up getting some new
colors added to it (don’t think the chili sauce stain is going to be the “it”
color this year), don’t be put off in hosting another party! Carpet Dryclean
can come to the rescue and handle those tough accidents on your carpet and
upholstery, removing all traces of any disaster. We can even put life back to
your fine oriental and silk rugs!
No matter who you’re rooting for here in the Triangle, if your team wins, don’t be
afraid to party like there’s no tomorrow. Carpet Dryclean is here to help you
return your home to its pre-game glory!