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DIY Dry Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Care Tips

DIY Dry Carpet Cleaning

Are you looking for the perfect carpet cleaning solution to keep your carpets pristine in between professional cleanings? Carpet DryClean has got your back! You

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Carpet Cleaning In Raleigh
Carpet Cleaners In Raleigh

Carpet Cleaning In Raleigh

Carpet cleaning in Raleigh is essential to maintaining a pleasant, hygienic environment in North Carolina homes and offices. Carpets act as natural filters which trap

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Our Response To COVID-19

We at Carpet DryClean are concerned about the exposure of our clients and our associates. 

By design, our cleaning products are alcohol-based, and therefore have built-in sanitizing properties that destroy viruses. We strictly follow the CDC and DHHS guidelines to protect you and ourselves in a manner that allows us to continue to provide our carpet sanitizing services to you.

The following is a summary of the measures we practice to protect everyone involved to provide you with safe and excellent service:

  • Associates are required to stay home if they experience any symptoms. 
  • Monitoring the temperature of associates before every appointment.
  • Hand-washing before and after each appointment.
  • Sanitizing our equipment between appointments.
  • Wearing approved face covering and gloves during appointments.
  • Avoiding close contact with clients whenever possible.