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Carpet Cleaning In Raleigh

Carpet cleaning in Raleigh is essential to maintaining a pleasant, hygienic environment in North Carolina homes and offices. Carpets act as natural filters which trap dust, bacteria, germs, and allergens from the air. However, these harmful particles in your carpets can pile up over time and place your family’s health at risk.

Most local homeowners and business owners will agree that Raleigh carpet cleaning is a necessity. What not everyone may agree upon is the type of carpet cleaning services they should choose. Which one is better: traditional carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning?

Keep reading to learn what kind of Raleigh carpet cleaning services will keep your carpets fresh and spotless. Let’s find out how to get your carpets cleaned in Raleigh, NC.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet DryClean Carpet Cleaning

What Kind of Cleaning Process Is It?

    • Traditional Carpet Cleaning: It is the process of steam cleaning your carpet using water, soap, detergents, and other cleaning materials. While professional cleaners usually carry out this cleaning method, you also can go the DIY route if you have the right equipment.
    • Carpet DryClean Carpet Cleaning: It is the process of disinfecting your carpet using a waterless, alcohol-based carpet cleaning solution. Experts typically perform dry carpet cleaning with the proper equipment and supplies.

How Effective Is It?

    • Traditional Carpet Cleaning: Traditional carpet cleaning methods like steam cleaning effectively remove dust, dirt, stains, and other particles from the surface of your carpet. 
    • Dry Cleaning Carpet Cleaning: Dry carpet cleaning also successfully removes stains, dust, and dirt. In addition to this, it takes sanitization to a whole new level by disinfecting your carpet as well. Dry cleaning solutions can effectively get rid of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew that reside deep beneath the surface of your carpet.

What Are the Risks Of This Process?

    • Traditional Carpet Cleaning: It may pose the risk of mold and mildew growth, which may cause health problems. Mold and mildew are fungi that flourish in moist environments. Steam cleaning will cause your carpet to get wet and soaked. Because of the long drying times involved, there is a chance that mildew and mold may grow on your carpet after steam cleaning.

    • Dry Cleaning Carpet Cleaning: It does not pose a risk of mold and mildew growth. Waterless, alcohol-based dry carpet cleaning eliminates the possibility of mildew and mold formation because your carpet stays dry during and after the cleaning process.

Where Can You Get Dry Carpet Cleaning Services In Raleigh?

Are you wondering how to get your carpets cleaned in Raleigh, NC? You can avail of Carpet DryClean’s Raleigh carpet cleaning services. We are ready to apply our dry extraction process to disinfect your carpets, upholstery, wools, and synthetic blends.

Carpet DryClean is one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Raleigh and other areas in North Carolina. We provide Raleigh homeowners and business owners with revolutionary dry carpet cleaning services.

How Does Carpet DryClean Perform Dry Carpet Cleaning?

We at Carpet DryClean use our own waterless carpet cleaning solution to dry clean carpets. These microsponges contain natural surfactants, organic solvents, anti-bacterial agents, anti-static agents, and citrus scents.

We perform dry carpet cleaning through a two-step dry extraction process. 

Step 1: Spread

First of all, we spread our proprietary carpet DryClean “cleaning snow” on the carpet.

Step 2: Scrub

Next, we scrub our organic solvent deep into the carpet using a counter-rotating brush. This cleaner acts like microsponges, which absorb the dirt, bacteria, and stains in the carpet.

That’s it! Thanks to our two-step dry extraction procedure, your carpets will immediately become clean, disinfected, and dry.

What Are The Benefits of Carpet DryClean’s Dry Carpet Cleaning Services?

There are various benefits of Carpet DryClean’s dry carpet cleaning services. We’ve already talked about the general advantages of dry carpet cleaning, such as deep cleaning and the prevention of mold and mildew growth.

Here are additional reasons why our dry carpet cleaning services are a good choice for you.

  • Fast Process: We can help you save time with our fast, efficient dry carpet cleaning services. Our two-step dry extraction process only takes 90 minutes to complete. In just a short period of time, your carpets will immediately become clean and disinfected.

  • No Downtime: You can instantly go back to your usual routine in your home or office after we dry clean your carpets. Unlike carpets that need six to ten hours to dry after traditional steaming cleaning, your carpets stay dry during and after our two-step dry extraction process. You can step on your carpets right away after our microsponges do their cleaning work.

  • Safe Cleaning Products: Your safety is our priority. We use a carpet cleaning solution that is non-toxic and natural to protect your babies and pets. It is also friendly to the environment because it is biodegradable.

  • Long-Term Carpet Protection: Your carpet is a valuable part of your home or business facility. That’s why our two-step dry extraction process keeps your carpet in tiptop shape. It will not damage your carpets through shrinking, stretching, or disintegrating. It also won’t cause your carpet to rot or decay because of moisture.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

To maximize the benefits of carpet dry cleaning, we recommend that you get your carpets regularly dry cleaned by Carpet DryClean.

  • Residential Areas: Schedule a cleaning every 6 months if you live in a peaceful residential area.

  • Commercial Areas: Go for a monthly cleaning if you live in a busy commercial area.

Don’t hesitate to request our carpet cleaning services as well in case you encounter stains, mold growth, virus exposure, or other unexpected carpet emergencies.

Regular dry carpet cleaning can prolong the life span of your carpets in your home or office. Dry carpet cleaning can help you save money in the long run by keeping your carpets in optimal condition.

Contact Carpet DryClean For The Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Services In Raleigh

Do your carpets look unsightly because of the accumulation of spots, stains, and dirt? Or do your carpets look pristine on the outside… but are teeming with germs and bacteria beneath the surface? It’s time for you to have your carpets disinfected.

Dry carpet cleaning is the ideal way to get your carpets cleaned in Raleigh. And, the ideal company to dry clean your precious carpets for you is Carpet DryClean. We offer you fast, efficient carpet cleaning in Raleigh. We also provide other excellent cleaning services.

Do you need Same-Day-Service? Call us at (919) 878-0748 to schedule an appointment in a snap.

Are you curious to learn how much it will cost you to have your carpets dry cleaned by Carpet DryClean? Fill out the contact form on our website to get a free quote.

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Our Response To COVID-19

We at Carpet DryClean are concerned about the exposure of our clients and our associates. 

By design, our cleaning products are alcohol-based, and therefore have built-in sanitizing properties that destroy viruses. We strictly follow the CDC and DHHS guidelines to protect you and ourselves in a manner that allows us to continue to provide our carpet sanitizing services to you.

The following is a summary of the measures we practice to protect everyone involved to provide you with safe and excellent service:

  • Associates are required to stay home if they experience any symptoms. 
  • Monitoring the temperature of associates before every appointment.
  • Hand-washing before and after each appointment.
  • Sanitizing our equipment between appointments.
  • Wearing approved face covering and gloves during appointments.
  • Avoiding close contact with clients whenever possible.