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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Raleigh

If you are wondering how much does carpet cleaning cost in Raleigh, know that it depends on several factors. In general, the costs for hiring a professional service range from $121 to $233. The carpet’s size and material type are some of the factors companies need to consider for determining the price. 

To give you a better understanding of the prices, let’s discuss them in detail below.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Size Area?

Many carpet cleaning companies provide a per square foot price to customers, but most of them offer a per room cost.

Per Square Foot Cost

You will see a price range of $0.20-$0.40 per square foot for this type of pricing. Companies that offer this pricing typically visit your home first before providing the service. This way, they can measure your carpet and provide an accurate estimate of the cost.  

For carpets with a 200-400-square-foot size, the price ranges from $80-$130. Costs can even go high as $400-$550 for carpets with a 2,000-3,000-square-foot size.

If you own a smaller home or property, expect to pay more because of extra fees for cleaning materials or travel. Homeowners with a large space pay less because they usually have fixed prices.

Per Room Cost

For flat rates, companies usually charge around $25-$75 per room. Here is the breakdown of the prices for the number of rooms:

    • 1 – $25-$75
    • 2 – $50-$150 
    • 3 – $75-$225
    • 4 – $100-$300
    • 5+ – $150-$600

Some carpet cleaning companies have a cap on sizes. So, if a room exceeds specific square footage, you will pay the price equal to two rooms. Other professionals charge a flat rate of $75-$125 per room regardless of the size.

If the service offers extremely low pricing, you might see poor quality. You might also find a few dirty spots.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost For Commercial Establishments?

For commercial dry carpet cleaning, costs will depend on a per-square-foot basis. Prices can range from $0.15 to $0.25. Why does commercial carpet cleaning have lower prices? There are a few factors considered for that:

  • Larger surface areas, where economies of scale may apply
  • The overall appearance is more important than individual stains.
  • Has less furniture, making it easy to access  

Estimate On Dry Carpet Cleaning Costs

This quick cleaning solution can range from $150 – $650+. It only uses minimal water and some chemicals to provide surface-level cleaning. The process involves loosening the dirt and then using a vacuum to get it out. Allow 1-2 hours to dry, and you can walk on it again.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost In Raleigh, NC?

In the case of Raleigh, the cost for a per room service on average is $43.02. The price range for that is around $38.24-$47.80. For the per square foot rate, the average cost is $0.16, with a price range of $0.12-$0.20.

Factors That Affect The Base Prices

The mentioned prices above are just the base rates for dry carpet cleaning. You will pay more for the following factors:

Carpet Type

The type of material that some carpets use can be hard to clean. This means an extra charge for you. The following carpet types have different charges:

    • Cotton or wool (most difficult) – $100-$150
    • Cut and level loop (somewhat difficult) – $60-$120
    • Berber carpet (easiest) – $90


If you live in an apartment, the price is usually the same as a residential home, $25-$75 per room. However, some companies ask for more if you are on a high floor. You will be paying for the difficulty of transporting the equipment from the ground floor to your apartment room.

Stairs With Carpets

Your carpeted stairs have a separate charge as well. The cost depends on each step, which is around $2-$3. 

Stain Removal

Stains are additional charges. It can range from $40 to $300, depending on the stain. Food spills have lower costs because they take less time to clean. Pet stains have higher prices because they are difficult to remove.

The Benefits Of Carpet DryClean’s Dry Carpet Cleaning

Why choose our dry cleaning over others? There are several reasons for that:

We Take Dry Carpet Cleaning To The Next Level

Carpet DryClean uses an advanced cleaning solution that allows us to take the process to the next level. Our microsponge cleaner has powerful disinfecting properties that effectively kill germs and bacteria and prevent the risk of mold developing.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

We are a company that truly cares for the environment, so we use natural and organic cleaning solutions. They are safe to use around your pets and babies! Our solutions are non-toxic and biodegradable, which don’t cause any environmental harm.

Quick Cleaning Process

Our dry carpet cleaning process only takes 90 minutes. After scrubbing an area, you can make sure it is dry, clean, and disinfected. It will look like you just bought a new carpet with a cleaner smell.

No Downtime

Many of the carpet cleaning services out there require hours and hours to dry. Some even need days to completely dry. With Carpet DryClean, there will be no downtime. Right after completing our job, you can already step on your carpet again.  

No Damage Caused

We take good care of your carpet whenever we clean and disinfect it. Our process doesn’t shrink or stretch carpets. Your carpet’s padding will not rot either because of moisture. We make sure it’s 100% dry.  

Is It Ideal To Do The Carpet Cleaning Yourself?

The simple answer to this is No. There are more pros in allowing professionals to do the job than doing it yourself. Professional services can:

  • Do the cleaning quickly and easily.
  • Assure that they know how to do the cleaning without causing damage to the carpet and equipment
  • Finish the job in one go without interruptions
  • Be more efficient in providing the right cleaning

What’s Next?

Now that you know how much carpet cleaning costs, the best thing to do at this point is to call us. Carpet DryClean is always happy to talk to you about finding the right solution for cleaning your carpet. Talk to you soon!

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Our Response To COVID-19

We at Carpet DryClean are concerned about the exposure of our clients and our associates. 

By design, our cleaning products are alcohol-based, and therefore have built-in sanitizing properties that destroy viruses. We strictly follow the CDC and DHHS guidelines to protect you and ourselves in a manner that allows us to continue to provide our carpet sanitizing services to you.

The following is a summary of the measures we practice to protect everyone involved to provide you with safe and excellent service:

  • Associates are required to stay home if they experience any symptoms. 
  • Monitoring the temperature of associates before every appointment.
  • Hand-washing before and after each appointment.
  • Sanitizing our equipment between appointments.
  • Wearing approved face covering and gloves during appointments.
  • Avoiding close contact with clients whenever possible.