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Durham Carpet Cleaning

Durham Carpet Cleaning

Do you need a skilled and reliable carpet cleaning and carpet sanitizing service for your carpets in your Durham home, office, or place of business? Carpet DryClean is here to help!

Carpet DryClean is the leading service provider for dry carpet cleaning in Durham, North Carolina. We are pleased to provide the best dry carpet cleaning services to residents and businesses in our city.

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Carpet Cleaning Is Crucial for Keeping a Healthy Home or Workplace

Almost 200,000 microorganisms per square inch can be found in carpets. Not to mention that carpets can also hold as much dirt as up to four times their weight. You may assume that dirt, grime, and pollen are the most horrible things you can find on your carpet; however, this is far from the truth. Your dirtied carpet can also serve as a hotbed for bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter, to name a few.

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    According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, carpets need deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months. However, certain cleaning techniques, such as carpet steam cleaning, may leave your carpets moist, enabling mold, bacteria, viruses, and mildew to thrive.

    By merely walking on the carpets, these microorganisms will spread in any home or institution. It’s such a waste to get your carpet washed professionally just to find out that it’s now a source of potential health hazards.

    Our Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

    Our dry carpet cleaning product, method, and equipment are all non-toxic, waterless, and alcohol-based. It eliminates dirt, grime, and other pollutants from your carpet without causing damage to the padding beneath it. We are pleased to offer you our quick and reliable services, which do not need any drying time and are absolutely safe for children and pets.

    Our dry extraction system is divided into two stages. First, we’ll clean your carpet with our Carpet DryClean “cleaning snow.” A counter-rotating brush is then used to scrub the natural cleaner onto your carpets.

    We advise that carpets in households should be dry cleaned every six months. If an emergency happens, such as stains, mold, or virus contamination, you should clean your carpets immediately. Monthly cleaning is recommended for busy business establishments.

    How Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Beneficial?

    Our dry carpet cleaning process removes stains, dirt, and grime like traditional cleaning methods do, but much better. However, we bring our carpet cleaning service to the next level by disinfecting areas while scrubbing them. Our natural carpet cleaner’s antiseptic properties effectively kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and mildew.

    In addition, our customers benefit from four main features that make us unparalleled Durham carpet cleaners.

    Fast and Convenient

    Our dry cleaning services take approximately 90 minutes to complete. As soon as we finish our dry cleaning method, your carpets should be clean of dirt, sediments, and bacteria, as well as dry. We’ll restore your carpets to near-new-looking conditions, and your home or business will smell fantastic.

    No Down Time

    We take pride in the fact that our services only need minimal downtime. Most carpets take six to ten hours, if not over a day, to dry completely. When using our two-step dry extraction process, this is not the case. You can step on your carpets as usual once we’ve worked our natural cleaning solution into them and extract the contaminants.

    Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly

    Our carpet cleaning solution is a non-toxic, organic cleaner that is entirely safe to use around pets and children. It is also environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable and chemical-free.

    Long-Term Benefits

    Your carpet will not shrink, stretch, or deteriorate due to our two-step dry extraction process. It can also prevent the rotting of the carpet padding, extending the lifespan of your carpet.

    Why Choose Carpet DryClean?

    • We provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Carpet DryClean can take care of any project, including single rooms, multiple rooms, companies, and more. Allow us to take care of your carpet cleaning concerns, whether it’s spring cleaning, move out, or move-in carpet cleaning or carpet disinfecting for a real estate open house.
    • Carpet DryClean cleans carpets without using water or heavy equipment. As a result, we’re a versatile carpet cleaning company that can handle any carpeted room, from the basement to the top floor.
    • We understand that you have a lot on your mind and might be short on time. There’s no need to be concerned about a wet carpet in your household or establishment. Keep in mind that our carpet cleaning system eliminates dirt and microbes from carpets without requiring any drying time. As such, there will be very minimal disruption to your Durham lifestyle or company, if any.
    • Our goal is to provide the highest degree of professionalism, trustworthiness, credibility, quality, and accountability. We trust that our efforts will increase loyalty and long-term relationships between the company and its customers.
    • Carpet DryClean is an all-in-one carpet cleaning company Durham residents and businesses can depend on that offers various services. Furthermore, our professional carpet cleaners are the best at what they do and ensure that you get the best possible results.

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