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Do you need dependable and experienced carpet cleaning in Fayetteville? Carpet DryClean can assist you with all your carpet cleaning requirements!

You should only have specialists clean your carpets because they are crucial to the ambiance of your home. If you clean your carpets yourself, you risk causing irreparable damage and having to replace them.

Don’t risk your valuable carpets. Invest in a professional! Carpet DryClean is a deep carpet cleaning service that cleans and sanitizes your carpet while requiring no drying time.

Our services can reassure you by guaranteeing that your carpets are expertly cleaned and disinfected without taking any of your time or effort!

Call (919) 878-0748 today to schedule an appointment with the best carpet cleaning company Fayetteville residents and businesses can enjoy. You can also get a free estimate by filling out our “Request Service” form.

Maintaining The Health Of Your Home Or Office Requires Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpets may hold up to 200,000 germs per square inch and collect approximately four times their weight in dust particles! The worst contaminants that gather in your carpet may appear to be dust, filth, and pollen, but this is not true. Campylobacter, Salmonella, and E. coli are just a few of the microbes that can thrive in your carpet.

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends that carpets be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. However, specific cleaning methods, such as carpet steam cleaning, can make your carpets damp, allowing mold, germs, and viruses to proliferate. Walking on carpets inadvertently spreads dangerous microbes throughout a household or workplace. It’s frustrating to have your carpet cleaned professionally only to discover that it now threatens the health of people around it.

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Why Choose Carpet DryClean?

Aside from the high quality of our carpet cleaning services, we’re a group of carpet cleaners in Fayetteville who emphasize professionalism, integrity, and honesty when interacting with our clients.

By offering the best carpet cleaning services available, we hope to build long-term relationships with our customers.

Some of the benefits of choosing Carpet DryClean include:

  • Convenient and quick: It takes roughly 90 minutes to finish our dry carpet cleaning process. When we’re finished, your carpets should be spotless, sanitized, and dry. Your carpets will be rejuvenated, and your house or business will appear clean and fresh.
  • Minimal to zero drying time: We take pleasure in our ability to accomplish services quickly. It takes six to ten hours, and in some instances days, for carpets to dry. Our two-step dry extraction process solves this problem. You can instantly walk on your carpets after we use our natural cleaning formula to eradicate any contaminants.
  • Baby and pet safe cleaning products: There are many cleaning agents on the market nowadays, but we only use our special carpet cleaning solution that is safe for kids and pets.
  • Eco-friendly: Because we understand how important the environment is, we only use non-toxic, organic, biodegradable, and environmentally sustainable cleaning products.
  • Extends the lifespan of your carpets: Carpets are a substantial investment for your home or workplace. Your carpet will last for a long time, thanks to our carpet cleaning process and expertise. A clean carpet will last for many years because dirt, dust, and other debris will not break or degrade the fibers.
  • Prevents mold growth and water damage: With our dry carpet cleaning method, you won’t have to worry about mold or water damage. We use a low-moisture formula to properly clean all fibers in your carpet, ensuring that bacteria and mold won’t have a chance to grow.

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Dirty carpets will not only draw attention away from the beauty of your home, but they can also pose serious health risks to individuals who live or work near them. Call us right away to ensure that your carpets are clean and safe, particularly in light of the current public health issue.

We can help you in a pinch. After receiving your call, we can be at your home within minutes. Call (919) 878-0748 to schedule an appointment. Fill out the “Request Service” form to get in touch with us about carpet cleaning in Fayetteville.

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