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Pet Urine & Feces Carpet Cleaning Services

Pet Urine & Feces Carpet Cleaning Services

Are the carpets in your home stained and foul-smelling because of your pets? Our team at Carpet DryClean will be glad to assist you! We are a professional dry carpet cleaning service in Raleigh, North Carolina that can help you keep your carpets fresh and clean.

Accidents are bound to happen no matter how well you’ve trained your pet. All pet owners, particularly those raising puppies and kittens, must deal with pet urine and feces.

To no avail, many fur parents have attempted various cleaning methods to remove the foul odor of pet urine and feces from their carpet. Worse, their carpets aren’t only lumpy and stained but the scent of pet waste has also seeped into the floorboards.

The smell of pet waste can linger in your carpet even after a good scrubbing and thorough washing. Attempting to remove the stain will often push it deeper into your carpet, making the odor much worse.

The good news is that our professional carpet cleaners at Carpet DryClean have got you covered! You can rely on us to handle all your carpet cleaning needs and leave your carpets spotless, disinfected, and smelling great.

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How Much Damage Will Pet Urine and Feces Do To Your Carpet?

Pet urine and feces can cause severe damage to your carpet, based on how long the problem has been present. The extent of damage that pet waste can inflict on your carpet depends on many factors, including the type of carpet you have, how old it is, and how well it is maintained. Here’s how much harm pet waste can do to your carpet:

Pet Urine Will Leave a Lingering Foul Smell

Pet pee has a particularly foul odor that is nearly impossible to remove, even with the most powerful cleaning products. Perhaps more difficult is that attempting to wipe up pee spreads it out and makes it smell much worse since the ammonia and bacteria in the urine are reactivated when exposed to water.

Your carpet can end up with an awful, pungent smell if you use a cleaner that isn’t made to remove pet urine odors. It’s not only challenging to get rid of odors that have permeated deep into the threads of your carpet but you can also become accustomed to the smell and ignore it entirely over time.

Stubborn Stains Can Result From Pet Waste

Although it is initially acidic, warm pet pee can become the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. If the urine or stain isn’t removed right away, it may trigger a reaction with the threads of your carpet, leading to permanent discoloration.

The ammonia in pee induces a molecular reaction in the dye structure of your carpet, resulting in a color alteration. This is particularly troublesome if the pee has been left on the carpet for several days or weeks. Even if you decide to remove it at this stage, the dye damage to your carpet is probably irreversible.

Bacteria Can Thrive in Your Carpet

Although dry pet poop can be simpler to handle, when your pet has diarrhea or has an illness that causes them to excrete wet and unhealthy feces, the situation is entirely different.

Wet, unhealthy pet waste will be more challenging to clean if left for an extended period, leaving a stain on your carpet threads that will promote bacterial growth. If you don’t use cleaning products formulated to cleanse a pet feces-covered area, your carpet can eventually become a health risk.

Get Expert Carpet Cleaner Services To Remove Pet Odors and Stains

One of the most tricky tasks for any pet owner is removing pet stains from pee or poop. Rather than wasting time, effort, and resources attempting to fix the issues with DIY methods, hire a professional pet urine carpet cleaning service like Carpet DryClean to handle the situation.

Carpet DryClean uses a waterless carpet cleaning system that eliminates the need for drying time. Since our cleaning method does not use water, the scent of pet urine will not be exacerbated because the ammonia in pee will not be reactivated.

Aside from removing pet waste odors, our expert pet poop carpet cleaning service and pet odor carpet cleaning service also offers the following advantages:

  • When compared to conventional cleaning methods such as steam cleaning or shampooing, there is no chance of mold growth.
  • Our non-toxic, biodegradable, organic cleaning products are completely safe for both pets and children.
  • Dirt, sand, gravel, and other contaminants are more effectively removed.
  • There are fewer chances of the carpet being soiled again.
  • You can prolong the life of your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning process loosens sediments and oils while also breaking down stubborn and firmly embedded dirt. Apart from being safe, our non-toxic chemical formulations also add a layer of protection to your carpet by making the fabrics more stain-resistant.

You won’t have to worry about pet pee and poop-stained carpets with the help from Carpet DryClean. Our team of professional carpet cleaners is ready to assist you with your carpet cleaning needs so that you can keep your pet safe and healthy, as well as the rest of your household.

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