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Shocking Things That Are Hidden In Your Carpet!

Most people picture their homes as peaceful sanctuaries from the commotion and chaos of the outside world. However, they may be surprised to discover that the dirt, grime, and germs from outside can lurk in their carpets.

Even if you clean or vacuum your carpet regularly to remove dust and dirt, you may not realize that some things lingering in the fibers could jeopardize your family’s health. 

Here are some hidden things in carpets that might shock you:


Your carpet has probably gotten wet at least once over the years. In most homes, this is virtually inevitable, whether it’s from someone getting out of the shower or a kid spilling a drink. This can lead to problems like mold growth. Molds are potentially dangerous microorganisms that thrive in moist and humid environments. Besides ruining your carpet, certain molds are noxious enough to trigger extreme allergic reactions in many people.

Because the water evaporates so quickly, most of the mold doesn’t form on the carpet’s surface. Instead, it grows deep within the fabric, making it difficult to determine whether or not you have an issue. You’ll have to lift the carpet and inspect the underlying padding for mold.

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Dust And Dirt

Average American homes can collect up to 40 pounds of dust every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Carpeted areas with heavy foot traffic collect dust and filth from people walking in and out. Outside soil and dirt can be readily tracked into your home and end up on your carpet.

It’s difficult to keep track of dirt since it can build up over time and go undetected. It takes a few weeks of poor maintenance for a light-colored carpet to start looking gray. Fortunately, regular vacuuming can remove up to 85% of the dirt and debris found in carpets.

Germs And Bacteria

Research shows that a single square inch of carpet can harbor up to 200,000 bacteria, and that’s more than what you’ll find on the toilet seat. Although most of these microorganisms are safe, some of them, such as salmonella, staphylococcus, norovirus, and E. coli, can cause gastrointestinal issues, skin conditions, respiratory disease, or allergies.

There is a misconception that carpets and rugs are challenging places for these types of health risks to thrive, but they can remain there long enough for a crawling infant or a toddler playing on the floor to be exposed.


If you don’t regularly inspect your carpet for pests, you might be surprised that dust mites, fleas, ticks, and even bed bugs call it home. In their search for a host, these bugs and parasites frequently cling to the hairs and skin of people’s legs. Fleas and ticks are like carpets because human hosts pass or sit near them from time to time, allowing them to feed on blood.

According to a study, carpeted homes featured a wider variety of bugs than non-carpeted ones. However, the researchers believed that most of these creatures did not reside in the carpets; instead, many became trapped in the carpet pile after they entered the house and died. Vacuuming your carpet regularly will help keep carpet insects at bay.

Food Crumbs

Fallen crumbs and spilled beverages can serve as food and nourishment for germs and other bacteria and can be a source of stains. However, aside from being disgusting, You should not ignore the health repercussions and risks they pose to you and your family. Failure to clean up food crumbs spilled right away can result in contaminants that trigger allergies, colds, sneezing, and other respiratory problems—because of this, cleaning your carpet right after a spill is crucial. In addition, eating food in a carpeted room is not a good idea.  

Dead Skin

A person sheds 1.5 million flakes of dead skin every day on average. Think about how many people you have in your household and where those flakes will end up: on the floor. It will be difficult to remove the skin flakes if they become caught in the fibers of a carpet. You may think that’s enough of a disgusting problem, but the real issue is that dust mites eat that dead skin, and their waste is among the most prevalent culprits for indoor allergies.

Pet Waste

Most people who don’t have pets don’t expect their carpets to get soiled with animal pee and waste, and some have no idea how common it is for animals to relieve themselves almost anywhere. Although keeping public areas free from pet waste is required by law, many owners find it difficult to do so if their pets are roaming around.

Many individuals stop avoiding spots where poop or urine has dried out since it does not appear to be filthy. On our way into the house, our shoes carry microbes from the dried-up pet waste, which we then spread onto the carpet.


Carpets are notorious for attracting dust mites and other allergens. Grass pollen will attach to your carpets if you leave your windows ajar during the spring and summer. A pet’s dander and hair can become embedded in the fibers, causing allergies and other issues for you, your household, and your visitors throughout the year. Regularly cleaning your carpet by a professional will alleviate some of these problems.

What’s Hidden In Your Carpets: The Bottomline

So there you have it! You may have wondered, “What’s in my carpet?” Now you know the answer. Your carpets might harbor mold, dust, dirt, microorganisms, insects, food crumbs, dead skin, pet waste, allergens, and more.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is your best bet for keeping these nasty things at bay if you don’t have the expertise or equipment to handle carpet cleaning. 

At Carpet DryClean, we have the skills, experience, and state-of-the-art technology necessary to restore your carpet to its former glory and even prolong its lifespan.

We only use eco-friendly cleaning agents that can eliminate germs and bacteria yet are safe to use around kids and pets. Because our proprietary dry cleaning process does not require drying time, there is no risk of mold growth and minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (919) 878-0748 and get a free estimate today!

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