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Should You Clean Newly Installed Carpets?

The simplest way to determine if your carpet needs cleaning is to check whether it’s dirty or not, something that becomes more common the older it gets. However, you might not realize that even brand new carpets can hide dangerous chemicals that need to be removed by professional carpet cleaning services.

The Dangers of Newly-Installed Carpets

If you ask the average homeowner, “Should you clean new carpet?” they might look at you strangely. After all, a newly-installed carpet is fresh out of the packaging, and you haven’t even gotten the chance to track dirt all over it.

In reality, the manufacturing process for carpets results in several harmful toxins, repellants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) lingering on your brand-new carpets. 

If you’re familiar with the smell of brand-new carpets, that’s the scent of the lingering VOCs, including acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. These VOCs don’t come from just one part of your carpet either — they can arise from the fibers, backings, and adhesives. 

New carpets also tend to shed or fray after installation, to make matters worse. That means your “clean” new carpet isn’t truly clean. It might lack visible dirt, but the harmful toxins lingering on it can severely bring down the indoor air quality of your home.

The first 72 hours after a carpet installation will have the highest transmission of VOCs, so you need to keep your home well-ventilated and hire cleaning services as soon as possible. 

Professional carpet cleaners like us at Carpet DryClean come equipped with the expertise and equipment to deep clean your carpets and ensure you and your family are safe. It’s imperative to have pets, children, or senior citizens living in your home, as they’re more susceptible to VOC-related health problems. 

Unless you hire professional cleaning carpet services, your carpet will emit VOCs for years, even after the first 72 hours. 

Protect Your New Carpets With Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Some homeowners might hesitate to get their carpets cleaned right after installation because they believe it will remove protective sealants and make their carpets more susceptible to dirt and damage.

However, when you hire a reputable service like us at Carpet DryClean, you don’t need to worry. Our revolutionary dry carpet cleaning method uses natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, safe for your babies and pets. In addition, our two-step dry extraction process is quick but thorough — we don’t use water, so we can clean your carpets even in humid weather without worrying about mold growth. 

As soon as we work our microsponges into your carpets and extract the contaminants, you’re free to enjoy your safe, clean, and brand-new carpets.

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