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Stains and spills can easily damage a carpet, changing your lovely investment into a dingy, discolored nuisance if they are not dealt with immediately and correctly. Yes, you can prevent the problem from occurring in the first place by asking visitors to take off their shoes or investing in a stain-resistant carpet, but learning how to eliminate stains is your best option.

While regularly vacuuming keeps your carpet from getting dingy and filthy, even the best vacuum won’t be able to eliminate stubborn stains. Whatever the problem, there is a treatment or cleaning method that will restore the cleanliness and sparkle of your carpet.

In this article, we’ll discuss the steps on how to handle carpet spills with Spotless. Continue reading if you want to keep your carpet looking great!

What is Spotless?

Carpet DryClean’s Spotless carpet cleaning solution uses cellulose-based microsponge technology. It contains citrus scents, natural surfactants, a mild organic solvent, and anti-microbial and anti-static components. This product can be used for all kinds of upholstery and carpet, including synthetic and wool mixes, due to its pH factor of 7.5.

Each microsponge contains an organic cleaning agent that dissolves grime and contaminants such as shoe polish, coffee,  urine, and blood. The microsponge is stimulated by an agitating mechanism, which subsequently collects and absorbs the dissolved pollutants.

Each microsponge has a tenfold capacity for absorption. When the microsponge is saturated, vacuum it away to reveal a spotless, sanitized, and dry carpet.

How To Clean Carpet Spills with Spotless

Here’s how to clean carpet spills with Spotless:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet before you begin.
  2. Apply the Spotless Carpet Cleaning Snow evenly across the carpet, based on the severity of the soiling. This can be done by hand or machine.
  3. Scrub the carpet with the cleaning solution. A dual contra-rotating brush machine is suitable for this task, as it brushes in multiple directions to ensure a careful application.
  4. Depending on your carpet’s condition, the cleaning chemical may need to sit for 30 to 45 minutes. The granules act as organic sponges to capture dirt-filled moisture during this step, eliminating stains and spots from your carpet.
  5. Once the granules are dried, remove them with a vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of Using Spotless Carpet Cleaning Snow

Here are a few of the benefits of using Spotless to clean your carpet:

  • Your carpet will almost certainly not shrink or stretch.
  • Since there won’t be any overwetting, there won’t be any musty odors.
  • Glue-on carpets that are water-sensitive are not a problem.
  • Areas that are prone to humidity, such as double flooring, can be securely cleaned.
  • Carpets can be walked on during and shortly after cleaning, so there is no downtime.

The Bottomline

If not dealt with promptly and appropriately, stains and spills can swiftly degrade a carpet, turning your magnificent investment into a dirty, stained, and dingy-looking annoyance. Cleaning your carpet with Spotless is one technique to make it look new or at the very least fresh again.

We’ve gone through how to treat carpet spills using Spotless in this article. Just keep these in mind, and your carpet will be sparkling clean!

Please get in touch with us at (919) 878-0748 if you have any questions about Carpet DryClean’s Spotless Carpet Cleaning Snow. We’ll be pleased to address any of your problems or inquiries!

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